Different Parts Working Together

Towards One Simple Goal: Your Growth.


Identify: Establish Your Brand.

The first step we take with a new advisor involves evaluating and (when necessary) updating their brand, image, and web presence. Virtue's design team can create everything from HD quality videos and animation to logos, business cards, and billboard and banner ad graphics. We understand the level of competition in the financial services business. Virtue supports our advisors by providing them with the best technology and highest quality production available to ensure that they leave a solid impression through initial marketing with high impact, easy to understand work. We want advisors to leave their client meetings with confidence that the materials left behind are clear, concise, and uniquely from their office.


Our creative team will collaborate with you on any adjustments or rework to your company logo. This logo will be applied to your your business cards, letterhead, seminar slides, mailers, company social media accounts, and any advertising. Virtue will help you establish your presence on the web either through social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn or through website digital marketing and re-targeting or using search engine optimization. Virtue believes that events are the #1 way for financial Advisors to get their message to the most prospects, and we know that the most important part of making an event work is to invite qualified prospects. Using a combination of the logos and branding developed in our graphics department, exclusive partnerships with third party mail houses, digital marketing, and psychographic information we are able to deliver high quality invitations and financial information to the most qualified and interested potential clients in your market.






Promote: Create Your Marketing Plan.

Virtue wants to help you establish your practice by marketing you as the top advisor in your area. Virtue has several pre-built seminars that are branded to each individual advisor. From point specific seminars: the highly successful IRA and Income Tax Reduction seminar and What To Do in the Loss of a Loved One to niche specific: College Planning or Social Security, Virtue has the information already divided into easy to follow slides that will interest your attendees and drive them to your office for appointments. Virtue's Digital Marketing program establishes your presence on the web and uses banner re-targeting to drop your message in front prospective clients who have already used the internet to search for more information about financial services, goods, and products that you and your competition provide. Virtue can deliver prequalified annuity leads to your email inbox. These are not lists of old names. The leads are individually screened and qualified based on age, investment totals, and desired rollup duration. Virtue provides scripts and training on how to approach an internet lead. Virtue provides 401kPlanPro through Virtue Capital Management. This system allows advisors with a Series 65 license to recommend adjustments to holdings within a client's current 401k plan. Virtue also encourages our advisors to diversify using Gold and Silver coins, and we have a unique partnership with a coin wholesaler and several materials branded to the advisor that educate clients on the value of numismatic coins.

We implement a detailed, four-step process with every advisor in order to

establish, market, and grow their business by developing a foundation for future success through branding, cutting-edge technology, and strategic positioning.

Its' simple, effective and has shown proven, real world success time after time.

Develop: Your Plan for Continued Growth.

Different markets call for different approaches. What works for an advisor or interests the client base in one market may not work in another. Once we have a successful plan of action in your market, we will build upon that through continued marketing campaigns, client appreciation functions, and Bring-A-Friend events. Virtue is always looking forward for new means of marketing our advisors and their practices. Virtue currently uses Digital Marketing, Psychographics, and the best quality equipment to produce and deliver high quality, dynamic messages and imagery. In order to remain educational and effective, Virtue's seminars are updated at least annually to reflect any changes in legal or market factors. We are adding content regularly as the business is constantly evolving.

Support: Implement Support Strategies.

Once we have established a new brand and marketed you to get in front of new clients, Virtue will help with materials for your client meetings (branded to you) and detailed case design solutions. Virtue's Case Design Pro software consolidates multiple software platforms available to financial professionals into a cloud based, easy to access software that advisors can update in real time or have our staff create prior to each appointment. Virtue uses software designed to help filter through the vast field of products in order to find the best fit for your client based on the specific features they are looking for in their choice. We will provide advisors with questionnaires and risk profile forms to help eliminate any options that do not fit the client's needs. Virtue uses a variety of situation specific calculators in order to properly assess a client's assets and determine any adjustments or guide any future decisions within their financial plan. Combining all of the features and tools gives Virtue the ability to find the best product for your client and show them how their retirement plan finances will play out.



We believe these initiatives are unique and enhance Virtue's

platform above and beyond all others, which will allow you to succeed

at levels you may have never believed possible.




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