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Stop Loss Portfolios

Mitigate risk and achieve the growth you need with our Stop Loss Models. The goals of these portfolios are simple: One, achieve full diversification across all U.S. equity sectors. Two, help remove the emotional aspect of investing. Three, limit downside risk and participate during a market recovery.


We have exclusive access to 3 unique Stop Loss portfolios (Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive) that can help in guiding us out of the way when the market is showing deterioration by employing our proprietary stop loss strategy. When the market is recovering we utilize our mechanical re-entry methodology.  We have a comprehensive marketing platform to help you prospect. You can watch a 2 minute whiteboard animation video explaining the stop loss models at www.stoplossportfolios.com.



Comprehensive Stop Loss Marketing System:

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video  Seminar Power Point Presentation

4 Direct Mail Pieces and 60 Second Radio Advertisement

Newspaper Ads Email Templates Pull Up Banners

12 Page Consumer Approved Stop Loss Whitepaper

4 Page Consumer Approved abbreviated Stop Loss Whitepaper

8 Page Advisor Whitepaper explaining Stop Loss Models

Our exclusive marketing programs like our proprietary Tactical Overlay, Stop Loss Portfolios,

Seminar Marketing, Virtue Digital Marketing and In-House Creative Department are world-class

systems designed to enhance and outperform the competition.

Virtue Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the use of digital channels to promote or market products and services to consumers and businesses via one or more forms of electronic media. At Virtue Advisors, we believe the internet is the key to digital marketing, by effectively making use of technology and electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets to engage with prospects.


Digital Marketing can be applied through internet channels such as websites, social media, email ads, banner ads, and apps through increasing and supporting your presence on traditional media like TV, Radio, and even text messaging. Have you ever noticed certain products or services you’ve previously searched for show up as an ad on other websites you visit?  It may appear as a small banner ad along the side of a webpage. You are experiencing digital marketing.


Gone are the days when you solely relied on traditional marketing to effectively reach qualified prospects. This is the “Information Age” – with digital media as a rapid-growing source of news, entertainment, shopping and social interaction. People want communications that are personalized and relevant, with offers tailored to their needs and preferences.


The future is now and you have everything to gain by starting your Digital Marketing campaign today at Virtue Advisors. For more information call us or visit www.virtuedigitalmarketing.com.

Virtue Creative - Custom Branding

Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. When you think about your brand, you really want to

think about your entire customer experience. Everything from your logo, your website, your social media interaction, the way you answer the phone, to the way your customers experience your staff solidifies your brand.  In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you. It is critical to be aware of your brand experience and to have a plan to create the culture that you want your customers to experience. A good brand doesn’t just happen. It is a well thought out and strategic plan.


Our in-house, award-winning creative department

at Virtue is second to none. Everything from banners

and websites to complete branding campaigns and

 commercial video, the creative team at Virtue has

what it takes to make your practice stand out above

the rest.


Visit www.virtuecreative.org


Seminar Marketing

Full seminar system includes branded invitations, PowerPoint presentations, and step-by-step guides on what to do before, during, and after the seminar.


All the Rules Have Changed - This seminar (completely updated in 2015) highlights the financial changes

   the country has experienced during the last 20 years.


IRA Income Planning & Tax Reduction - This seminar remains our #1 seminar, as it is simple and effective.

   The IRA Seminar highlights five important topics that include creating an income plan for life, taking control

   of your future retirement account tax liability, leveraging the tax code, properly titling your accounts, and

   protecting assets.


College Planning - This seminar highlights the cost and strategies surrounding college planning including

   late state college planning.


Social Security Optimization - The Social Security Seminar highlights eight important topics related to your

   Social Security benefits.


Successful Retirement Strategies - This seminar remains one of the most informative  and entertaining

   seminars.  It’s a comprehensive review of topics facing retirees today: Taxes, investments, long term care,

   legal issues, and procrastination.


Financial Decisions After a Loss of a Loved One - This seminar highlights organizing important documents,

   planning tips, tax considerations, inheriting both qualified and non-qualified assets, settling an estate,

   important steps to take in preparation to the loss of a loved one, and the necessary action steps following

   the loss of a loved one.


VCM 5 Tactical Investment Strategies – This seminar highlights how unique independent IARs are compared

   to their big name competition. During the presentation attendees will learn how active and passive

   investment philosophy differ and receive an overview of our most popular separately managed strategies.

For more information on these programs and other offerings at

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