Our Industry-Leading Marketing Strategies

Are Unique and Second to None.

We implement a detailed, four-step process with every advisor in order to establish, market,

and grow their business by developing a foundation for future success through branding,

cutting-edge technology, and strategic positioning.


Identify: Establish Your Brand.

The first step we take with a new advisor involves evaluating and (when necessary) modernizing their brand and online presence. Virtue's design team can create everything from HD quality videos and animation to logos, business cards, and billboard and banner ad graphics. We understand the level of competition in the financial services business. Virtue supports our advisors by providing them with technology and high-quality deliverables to ensure that they leave a solid impression through initial marketing with high impact, easy to understand work. We want advisors to leave their client meetings with confidence that the materials illustrated as well as left behind are clear, concise, and uniquely from their office. Our creative team will collaborate with you on any adjustments or rework to your company logo. The revised logo can be applied to your business cards, letterhead, seminar slides, mailers, company social media accounts, and any advertising. Virtue can help you establish your presence on the web either through social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn or through website digital marketing and re-targeting or using search engine optimization.

Promote: Create Your Marketing Plan.

Virtue wants to help you enhance your practice by marketing you as the go to expert in your area. Virtue believes that events are the #1 way for financial Advisors to get their message to the most prospects, and we know that the most important part of making an event work is to invite qualified prospects. Using a combination of the logos and branding developed in our graphics department, exclusive partnerships with third party mail houses, and digital marketing we are able to deliver high quality invitations and financial information to the most qualified and interested potential prospects in your marketplace. Through a library of pre-built workshops and seminars that can be branded to each individual advisor, Virtue has the information divided into easy-to-follow slides that will interest attendees and help motivate them to schedule an appointment. Through exclusive partnerships, Virtue can provide advisors an aggregation tool to generate connections and marketing streams that apply to prospects within your market who are actively on the path to purchase retirement or investment products. Virtue can also provide access to internet marketing through Google analytics that establishes your presence on the web and uses banner re-targeting to place your message in front prospective clients who have searched for more information about financial services, investments, annuities, life insurance, and investment solutions  that you and your competition provide.



Develop: Your Plan for Continued Growth.

Different markets call for different approaches. What works for an advisor or interests the client base in one market may not work in another. Once we have a successful plan of action in your market, we will build upon that through organizing continued marketing campaigns to attract new clients and client appreciation functions or Bring-A-Friend events to continue to develop the bond with your current client base. In many cases, an advisor’s growth reaches a point for new direction in the business. If you have an RIA or are considering creating an RIA, Virtue’s RIA Compliance Firm provides TAMP services to startup RIA’s and compliance and legal oversight for RIA firms. In order to remain educational and effective, Virtue's seminars are updated regularly to reflect any changes in legal or market factors, and we are adding content regularly as the industry is constantly evolving. Virtue annual events bring industry leaders together to discuss trends and important updates that will have an impact on the business in general and your personal practice. Virtue hosts regular training events at our home offices in Nashville, TN as well as specialized events around the country to reach our team of advisors and connect them with the people and systems that can keep them growing.

Support: Implement Support Strategies.

Once we have modernized your brand and marketed you to help get in front of qualified prospects, Virtue’s Advisor Development Team will work with you to help plan your marketing calendar, determine the best topics and presentations for you and your market based on personal preferences, seasonal interests, or market trends, and your support team will follow through with you to create the materials needed for those events and for follow up meetings. The Advisor Development Specialists consolidate multiple software platforms available to financial professionals to provide comparative analysis of product features, fees, and returns, to help filter through the vast field of products and help find the best solution for your client based on the specific features to fit their retirement goals, and to deliver impactful data and presentations in the field. Virtue will provide advisors with questionnaires and risk profile forms to help eliminate any options that do not fit the client's needs and we will apply a variety of situation specific calculators in order to properly assess a client's assets and determine any adjustments or guide any future decisions within their financial plan.


Virtue Creative - Custom Branding

Branding goes way beyond just a logo or graphic element. When you think about your brand, you really want to

think about your entire customer experience. Everything from your logo, your website, your social media interaction, the way you answer the phone, to the way your customers experience your staff solidifies your brand.  In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you. It is critical to be aware of your brand experience and to have a plan to create the culture that you want your customers to experience. A good brand doesn’t just happen. It is a well thought out and strategic plan.


Our in-house, award-winning creative department

at Virtue is second to none. Everything from banners

and websites to complete branding campaigns and

 commercial video, the creative team at Virtue has

what it takes to make your practice stand out above

the rest.


Visit www.virtuecreative.org


Seminar Marketing

Full seminar system includes branded invitations, PowerPoint presentations, and step-by-step guides on what to do before, during, and after the seminar.


IRA Income Planning & Tax Reduction - This seminar remains our #1 seminar, as it is simple and effective.

   The IRA Seminar highlights five important topics that include creating an income plan for life, taking control

   of your future retirement account tax liability, leveraging the tax code, properly titling your accounts, and

   protecting assets.


Managing Risk in 2022 - This seminar was created when life changed in 2020 with the coronavirus

   pandemic and the volatility the market experienced. The seminar discusses how retirement assets and

   legacy plans could be at risk and strategies to help protect your assets from a market downturn. The

   seminar also teaches how stress testing a portfolio can help determine how someone’s existing portfolio

   would perform during past market crashes and see if their current investments match your Risk Tolerance.

   Discussed are Bonds, interest rate risk and Credit risk and the strategies that may smooth out the return

   pattern and provide downside protection and allow consistent retirement income for life.


Women, Wealth and WIne - This seminar dives into some of the challenges many of today’s women face

   including longevity (typically outliving their spouse) and caregiving for their children/ grandchildren and

   parents. We also discuss financial planning techniques, investment, and social security election strategies.


Retirement Answers 101 - A comprehensive class on retirement hosted on college campuses with 6 hours

   of course material to be spread out over 2 or 3 sessions. This course is intended to provide pre-retirees and

   retirees with a better understanding of the many financial planning areas that need to be considered as they

   enter into or maintain the lifestyle they have become accustom to during their retirement years. For more

   information visit www.whyra101.com


Social Security Optimization - The Social Security Seminar highlights eight important topics related to your

   Social Security benefits.


Successful Retirement Strategies - This seminar remains one of the most informative  and entertaining

   seminars.  It’s a comprehensive review of topics facing retirees today: Taxes, investments, long term care,

   legal issues, and procrastination.


Financial Decisions After a Loss of a Loved One - This seminar highlights organizing important documents,

   planning tips, tax considerations, inheriting both qualified and non-qualified assets, settling an estate,

   important steps to take in preparation to the loss of a loved one, and the necessary action steps following

   the loss of a loved one.


VCM 5 Tactical Investment Strategies – This seminar highlights how unique independent IARs are

   compared to their big name competition. During the presentation attendees will learn how active and

   passive  investment philosophy differ and receive an overview of our separately managed strategies.

Available Whitepapers

This is a list of current whitepapers that are available for custom branding to advisors. For more info about each whitepaper, download the overview by clicking here.


Annuities 101


Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities


Experts Perspective on the Value of Annuities


The Truth About When to Begin Taking Social Security


Smart 401k & Retirement Steps to Take Now


Physical Gold & Silver


Stop Loss Portfolios


6 Simple Rules to Choosing an Investment Advisor


12 Tips for Teleworking Cybersecurity


CARES ACT: Paycheck Protection Program


Six Ways to Keep Calm During Turbulent Markets


Mutual Funds and ETFS Explained

For more information on these programs and other offerings at

Virtue Capital Management, give us a call or email us now.




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