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The VCM Multi-Trigger Overlay

The VCM Multi-Trigger Overlay is a mathematical approach which employs a proprietary multi-facet-methodology to tactically mitigate downside risk. The strategy employs three algorithmic technical indicators or “triggers” that independently dictate either a risk-on posture (invested in equities) or risk-off posture (invested in high quality bonds). These three triggers are the VCM Stop Loss, VCM Tactical Overlay and VCM Market Trend Indicator

VCM Stop Loss Models

The VCM Stop Loss Models help eliminate emotion by employing a tested portfolio management structure when the S&P 500 deteriorates with  proprietary stop loss and re-entry methodology. The three unique stop loss models are aggressive, balanced/moderate and conservative. These portfolios are equipped with both and Stop Loss and Market Buy Back feature. We have exclusive access to 3 unique Stop Loss portfolios (Conservative, Moderate, and Aggressive) that can help in guiding us out of the way when the market is showing deterioration by employing our proprietary stop loss strategy. When the market is recovering we utilize our mechanical re-entry methodology.  We have a comprehensive marketing platform to help you prospect.



Dual Momentum Sector Strength Portfolios

VCM's Dual Momentum Sector Strength Portfolios provides exposure to 4 top-ranked broad U.S. economic sectors based upon VCM relative strength ranking methodology. The strategy seeks to capitalize on the historical tendency of sectors to diverge from one another through the course of major US equity market cycles. By seeking to identify positive sector performance trends in a timely fashion, this divergence may create a sustainable source of opportunity for sector rotation strategies.  When fully invested, initially the top four sectors are selected and kept within the rotation of our proprietary turnover solution. After last trading day of the month our dual momentum methodology is applied and trades will be placed on the first trading day of the month. If cash is outperforming any of the top four sectors we would invest 25% in a cash position (1 month T bill) will replace that sector(s). If cash is outperforming any of the top four sectors we would invest 25% in a cash position (1 month T bill) will replace that sector(s). Cash can represent 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of the equity portion of each of the portfolios. The result is a model in which focuses on the best performing sectors during an upmarket, while defending against prolonged bear market scenarios.

The S&P 500 index is designed to be a broad based unmanaged leading indicator of U.S. equities and is meant to reflect the risk/return characteristics of the large cap universe or representative of the equity market in general. This index does not reflect the deduction of any fees. It is not available for direct investment. Exposure to an asset class represented by an index is available through investable instruments based on that index.


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