Different Parts Working Together

Towards One Simple Goal: Your Growth.

All Registered Investment Advisors offer investment strategies but few offer effective marketing, unique case design, in-house branding and leverage technology to truly help their investment advisor representatives (IARs) grow their practice like Virtue Capital Management.


Virtue Capital Management is a client-centric, hands-on registered investment advisory firm that allows advisors to choose from proven, specialized financial models addressing each client’s unique investment goals, while providing exceptional back office support and leading the industry in our dedication to quality service.


Virtue Capital Management is committed to bringing dynamic, scrupulously researched investment techniques, strategies and portfolios to investment advisors and their clients. Every model does not fit every client; at VCM, we stress client-driven financial planning, one client at a time. Thoroughly researched financial planning is the industry standard for Registered Investment Advisors—this standard is our starting point.


We strive every day to find next generation technology that will result in our advisors’ growing their businesses’ through advanced marketing techniques, bringing customized solutions to each and every one of their clients. The support team at Virtue knows that every client brings a unique set of financial circumstances, and our job is to equip our advisors with the tools to properly address their customers’ needs. We hope you will take the time to read over the website to better understand the advantages that a partnership with Virtue Capital Management brings. We believe these initiatives will allow you to succeed at levels you may never have believed possible.




What Makes Virtue Stand Out Above the Rest.


Case Design


Technology Suite

In-House Creative

Branding Department


Money Managers

Unique Marketing



Tactical Overlay

Here are several reasons to consider taking the time to learn more about how Virtue is helping advisors gather and maintain assets:


Over 50 wrap portfolios at 1.95% per year— including all trading cost.


ETF's and Mutual Funds at 1.00% to the client.


Ways to Earn Fees from Assets held within an existing 401K plan.


Establish new accounts with minimums as low as $5,000 (we do not limit the dollar amount or

   percentage that has to stay invested with Virtue other than account minimums).


Our Investment Advisors are paid monthly on the AUM they have invested with VCM.


Non-Traded REITs paying a current dividend of up to 5.37%.


Affiliation fees range from free to $1,500 per year to $0 depending on your AUM.


Turnkey RIA creation process for qualified advisors looking to form their own RIA and enter into

   a sub-advisory agreement with Virtue.


Software/Technology suite including: • Orion • Hidden Levers • Case Design Pro •

   Morningstar • Service Portal• Laser App • Docusign • Redtail CRM • Salesforce CRM • Online

   lead generation


Branding – custom website design, logo design/redesign, letter head package, HD video

   studio, company brochures, pocket folders and any deliverable you can imagine.



These initiatives are unique to Virtue's platform above and

beyond all others, which are designed to help you succeed.




Virtue Capital Management, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor. Virtue Capital Management only transacts business in states where it is properly registered or is excluded or exempted from registration requirements.  SEC registration is not an endorsement of the firm by the Commission and does not mean that the advisor has attained a specific level of skill or ability. For more information, please read our Disclosures and Privacy Policy.


All investments involve the risk of potential investment losses as well as the potential for investment gains. Prior performance is no guarantee of future results, and there can be no assurance, and clients should not assume, that future performance will be comparable to past performance. No client or potential client should assume that any information presented or made available on or through this website should be construed as personalized financial planning or investment advice. Personalized financial planning and investment advice can only be rendered after engagement of the firm for services, execution of the required documentation, and receipt of required disclosures. Please contact the firm for further information.