Leverage Technology to Make Your Work

Easier and More Productive.

At Virtue Capital Management, we are one of the few RIAs that fully embrace technology

and are eager to use it to its' fullest potential. We use the latest and most cutting-edge software

available to make your work as an advisor easier and more productive than ever.


Cloud Based Service Portal

Our top priority is to provide unsurpassed customer service to our IARs. To help deliver this service, we have developed the VCM Support Portal. In addition to delivering hands-on client management, our support portal will help advisors streamline their office workflow.


The VCM Service Portal offers solutions to common problems advisors are faced with:

Transparency &




Resources &

Forms Library

Ticketing &

Tracking Solution

Model Portfolio

Performance Information



Service Portal Ticketing and Tracking Solution

VCM’s online Service Portal provides a secure online ticketing and tracking solution for a number of requests. The Service Portal provides advisors and their staff the ability to submit service requests in one central location and allows tracking of requests until the tasks are completed creating a more efficient workflow. Ticket types include Account Service, Case Prep, New Business, Compliance, Trading Desk, Distribution/Withdrawal, Technology and General Support.


VCM Portal

• Model Performance Information, including monthly Fact Sheets, monthly Quick Reference Guide,

  Strategy Performance Ranking Guide, Presentations and more


• Training webinars on Models, Concepts and Programs


• Market Commentaries


• Marketing Materials


• Client Interaction Aids and Tools


• Account Paperwork, Forms and Documents

• Processing Compliance Approval Requests


• Opening, Funding, and Managing of TDA Accounts


• Processing Case Design Requests for Investments and Annuities (for those affiliated with both VCM and VA)


• Resource Center for General Deliverables


Accompanying Third Party Software









When your clients log into the Orion client web portal, it will be customized and branded to your firm. Gain the ability to show your clients all of their accounts, all in one place, presented in a minimalistic design that is easy to navigate. Performance, account values, and more are shown in large, beautiful graphics to put the information you want your clients to see front and center. Custom reporting abilities mean you can create a report rich with graphs and charts, for your client .Show consolidated reports including TD Ameritrade accounts as well as account values from annuities, cash value life insurance, and bank accounts.



VCM has reached a deal with TD Ameritrade/Salesforce to allow our advisors to purchase this powerful CRM system at a discounted price. The TD Ameritrade “Veo” platform’s Salesforce solution can help you improve client service and gain efficiency in your practice. Powerful integrations, custom workflows, and an advisor-friendly interface can help you reduce sales cycles and better manage your business.



DocuSign’s eSignature solution allows clients the ability to electronically sign new account paperwork from their computers and mobile devices. This replaces the current manual process of filling out and mailing documents back and forth for completion and signatures.



Expose a current portfolio’s hidden fees to the client. In many cases, a client may be charged a low annual fee, however, they may not be aware of internal expenses and trade fees within their portfolio and how they may affect their overall investment growth.



Provides comprehensive fee analysis of variable annuity, totaling the true annual cost of ownership for your specific client’s product. This includes base fee, riders and subaccounts.



QUIK is the mobile forms filling solution designed for the financial advisor. The system integrates seamlessly with web-based CRMs & account opening tools to prefill your investment, insurance, advisory, and broker-dealer forms.



HiddenLevers is the premier portfolio stress testing platform for financial advisors everywhere. Advisors use the correlations engine and easy user interface to help clients understand risk in portfolios, showcase hedging strategies, and compare portfolios in context of several macro-economic outcomes. The stress testing toolkit also includes macro themes for those interested in using scenarios and economic trends to effect tactical asset allocation. Advisors are able to use HiddenLevers for portfolio management needs like risk monitoring and stress testing, as well as fiduciary needs like client-friendly explanation and presentation of risk.



Known for its sleek interface and impressively intuitive user experience, Orion Planning enables advisors, financial institutions, and even employers to engage investors in many different ways, depending on their service model — from highly collaborative to fully investor-led. This versatility is powerful, when coupled with a best-in-class client portal that provides investors with a range of dynamic personal financial management capabilities powered by a comprehensive financial planning engine. And with the ability to seamlessly support both goal- and cash-flow-based methodologies, Orion Planning has made the traditionally complex planning experience simple.



Annuity Rate Watch is an online software that allows us to plug in the information unique to any given client’s particular situation including age, state, distribution goals, timetable, and more in order to filter through the universe of annuity products and riders available to Virtue. ARW will systematically list each product and

carrier that fits the request in sequential order based on the client’s stated goals. This tool helps advisors provide best possible products and helps clients by offering multiple options to choose from while revealing the subtle differences that any given product may have on their overall retirement plan.



Case Design Process: The Advisor Development Team








Our Advisor Development Team is comprised of insurance and securities licensed professionals and is dedicated to assist you in establishing your short-term and long-term goals for your production and practice, helping create a custom business and marketing plan, and providing regular coaching, consultation and support to reach your objectives in a cost-effective manner. We work with advisors to grow their Annuity and Investment (Fee-based AUM production and apply a Fiduciary standard to our casework incorporating Annuities and Investments. We also help advisors maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and continue to expand market share, by keeping them up-to-date with the latest marketing strategies, technology and sales tools and processes


Illustration Options

• Comparative analysis of product features, fees, and returns from multiple software platforms

• Custom Annuity and Investment case design, illustrations, and sales support

• Custom portfolio construction, integrating insurance and investments, based on client risk tolerance and objectives

• Product/portfolio selection including pre-built managers/strategies


Ongoing Support

• Custom business and marketing plan

• Thorough sales coaching and consultation, with individual and group calls

• Practice management consultation



For more information on these programs and other offerings at

Virtue Capital Management, give us a call or email us.




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